Customer Support:

The world is changing every day and technology is changing faster than that. With every change, the challenge to keep pace with customer expectations keeps increasing. Customers expect help on the channel of their choice to get a variety of support. 3J has the expertise to develop the right strategy for any business to select the right channel for customer support. As per a recent study, countries like India, China, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and almost all of Europe have a huge adoption for digital asynchronous channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. 3J can help you to select the right sales and support strategy to engage with customers


Sometimes decisions to arrive at the right sourcing strategy for services can be complicated. Balancing customer experience with the cost of support is not only challenging but can be a game-changer. Many small and medium-sized brands have made it big with very unique sourcing strategies. 3J has expertise in analytics, market study and vendor identification process to help their customers in deciding the right approach just perfect and customized for their requirement. Engaging 3J early and partnering in strategy sessions can multiply the ROI. Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing, Offshoring and Process leasing decisions have never been so easy – engage 3J.


Technology and Software development skills are a commodity in the 21st century. India has been the biggest pool of software development resources and as per a market study, the entire country is a competency in itself for development and maintenance activities. Freelancers in software development, product maintenance and support can bring the cost down significantly which can help in powering the bottom-line,  3J has helped several Small and Medium-sized businesses to develop the right strategy which takes the entire project from conceptualization to delivery of results.


3J has delighted clients in the execution of Technology Programs which are targeted towards:

  • Development of applications
  • Phone app development
  • QA and related activities
  • Database Management
  • Maintenance of large application – ERP, CRM
  • Customization of products
  • Post release support

Various customizable models of business engagements are available which are just right for their clients requirements.


Leading industry giants in the Technology space have forecasted that 50% of processes will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms by 2030. With such a promising future, it is always recommended that businesses remain ahead of the curve.  One of the leading app-based ride-share brands partnered with 3J to develop their AI-powered chatbot solution which helps in quick response to their riders/ drivers to address their queries. Partnering with development agencies and helping them with annotation services using crowdsourcing solutions was a great learning experience. 3J took the practice forward and makes these services available for all of their Small and Medium business customers.


Evolving business models in the industry are fueled further by Information Technology Enabled Services. While the late 20th century experienced a surge in Offshore and outsourcing models, it laid foundations for much-advanced partnership arrangements in the early 21st century. Business Process Outsourcing relied a lot on cost arbitrage, liability reductions however it still has a significant dependency on training, infrastructure and country regulations.

3J extended all prevailing sourcing frameworks and started experimenting on the gig model – good 3-4 years ahead of its popularity. Crowdsourcing has not only a cost advantage but an edge over other sourcing models in terms of quality. Clients get all advantages of outsourcing whereas 3J works on their behalf to rally around all resources who can work within a framework. Being ahead in this strategy means – better platform, a secured environment, sustaining pipeline in several domains such as support, services, linguists, software developers, data quality, data entry specialists.