Technical Experts

  • Overview: Responsible for providing online remote diagnostic technical support of desktops, portables, peripherals (e.g., printers, projectors, etc.) and software.
  • Location: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
  • Timing: Flexible (Open to work any specific hours in 24X7 window)
  • Terms of work: Contract for task/assignment (freelance work)
Job Description:
  • Provide technical support for customers on the usage of various computer products and their operating systems, associated common software.
  • Assist customers by diagnosing problems on hardware problems and providing resolutions for technical and service issues. Guide customers about possible solutions and options available to resolve software and applications issues including Windows, MS Office, Ubuntu etc.
  • Follow standardized policies and procedures prescribed and updated by 3J.
  • Provide the right solution and demonstrate behaviour to help the customer not only on a specific query but solution at large.
  • Respect service level agreements in mutually agreed-upon schedules.
  • Responsible for customer satisfaction through effective handling of customer problems and resolution with reduced customer effort, faster response.
  • Smartly and efficiently handle platform designed to solve customer queries.
Qualifications And Requirements:
  • Under-graduate and above – Technical education in computer, operating systems and its usage.
  • Good English communication – English writing skills, correspondence and conversation on a chat-like platform.
  • Microsoft certified resources will have better chances of success.
  • A+ certified resources will be set up a great success with our customers.
  • Ability to create videos for a quick demonstration on a technical problem resolution commonly faced in PC usage.
  • Should be willing to take assignments in a 24 x7 work environment.
  • Excellent soft skills will help in handling customers in distress. Ability to deal professionally with irate customers.
  • Seamless network connectivity – Broadband, 4G+ data connectivity on a PC
  • Personal Computer (PC) or Smart Phone needs to have all popular browsers, google search capabilities and all smart applications to make this efficient.
  • Ability to join video calls from a professional environment for interview, training and communication purpose.
  • Ability to accept online payments such as Bank Account Online Transfer
  • Govt issued at least two identity cards with photo and address proofs.
Who Should Consider This Role?
  • People irrespective of age, current profession, location, gender, willing to work with commitment and sincerity.
  • Currently employed resources who are working part-time or have extra and consistent bandwidth to take up more.
  • People with an appetite to earn more using a freelance platform and respect Service Level Agreements with quality responses.
  • Techies who want to earn quickly by responding quickly using their own experience to resolve other user’s problems.
  • Smart users who can search for the right solution on the web and hence reducing customer effort.
  • People who want to prove their credibility on an industry-recognized tech platform that rewards value-add on the platform.
  • Excellent opportunity for bright and talented people with mobility challenged or relocation constraints.
  • Enthusiasts who want to try something new with complete freedom and still earn for themselves.
  • Students pursuing higher studies and looking for part-time and extra source of income can subscribe to this with medium to long term commitment.
  • Already employed full-time technical support frontlines who can volunteer few hours in a day to help a community with their super-smart responses.
  • Creative people who can generate content (short videos or images) to resolve frequently asked technical questions during PC usage.

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